[11:04 AM] Tracking ID UA-111875230-1 Chicago State University | A Documentary Film from Scrappers Film Group




All eyes are on Chicago for crime. Education, especially college, is seen as the solution and a path to jobs. So why is a 150-year old university in the middle of the violence on the brink of closure? Scrappers Film Group has been producing Closing De Facto to draw attention to the crisis at Chicago State University, using the power of the dramatic stories and unique characters - students, faculty, janitors, state representatives - struggling to keep the school from closing down.


Philip Beverly, the central protagonist, is a political science professor who has been at Chicago State for 25 years. He has closely followed the corruption and mismanagement of Chicago State University under the president of Wayne Watson, chronicling the twists and turns of CSU’s fiscal and political crisis through a faculty blog. Beverly is at every board meeting and public protest, mercilessly pushing the university’s constantly changing administrations towards transparency and accountability while struggling to remain positive as the state funding crisis sets off financial exigency and a historic dip in enrollment.


Closing De Fact: Chicago State in Crisis shows how corruption and mismanagement have placed a 100-year-old institution serving a unique student body on the brink of closure, and the fight to keep its doors open.


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