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Surveillance. Civil liberties. Protests. Arrests. From the rise of the Occupy movement to the outrage over the National Security Agency’s data collection, these words have become familiar to anyone who scans news headlines.

But if you take a step behind the scenes, a complex interplay of social power and ever-changing legal precedents are the real drivers behind who is allowed to march and who can be surveilled and how.

Scrappers Film Group, in collaboration with Truthout.org, present a multi-part web series to turn the camera on the most pressing civil liberties issues of our day.


Scrappers Film Group and Truthout.org present

Rights Lab

Executive Producers:
Brian Ashby
Peter Galassi
David Jacobson
Ben Kolak

Yana Kunichoff

Associate Producer:
Ricardo Gamboa

Jerry Boyle
Patches Blanton
Frances Herrera-Lim
Freddy Martinez
Benita Ulisano
Eric Scheidler
Ricardo Gamboa
Steven Beaudion
Andy Thayer
Christopher Morrison
Leslie Morrison
Chuck Tobin

Director of Photography:
Ben Kolak

Camera/Audio Operators:
Brian Ashby
Emmanuel Camacho
Matthew Goetz
Astrid Goh
Jillian Hansen-Lewis
Ashley Mills
Kiyomi Mino
Agnes Starczewski
Cydney Williams

Peter Galassi

Assistant Editors:
Astrid Goh
Kiyomi Mino
Cydney Williams

Graphic Design:
Jared Rodriguez

Additional Graphics:
Akemi Hong

Motion Graphics & Visual Effects:
Peter Galassi

Steven Walsh

Ben Lamar Gay

Archival footage

YouTube, Archive.org

Rights lab is funded in part by
Chicago Filmmakers The Voqal Fund’s Chicago Digital Media Production Fund

Indiegogo Supporters:
Martin Macias
Liz Sdregas
Alix Pahaut
John Stoner
Dave Pompei
Rebecca Burns
Jim Plank
Cesar C. Garcia
Alex Lubben
Will Faber
Debra J. Benge
Josephine Ferorelli
Sara Chapman
Marya Spont-Lemus
Linda Coleman
Raisa Kunichoff
Peter Ferry
Darryl Holliday
Dayle A. Kolak
Amy Boyd
David & Jamie



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